Everyone has those days🫠 Showing the reality of the DIY Bowl Pendant Light Hack that didn’t go to plan the first time round *screams* Tip: Don’t rush a DIY project because you are eager to see the end result… always be a little patient 😅 it’ll be worth the wait and less work with no hopeless jazz hands. Update: Good job nothing broke and it was easy fixable using more of the hardwearing glue No More Nails - obviously making sure it’s fully dry before putting it back up this time. You can see the stunning finished DIY on our profile a few scrolls down💅 #pendantpendantthack ddiypendantlightsddiypendanthackeeasydiyddiyhacksyescolourspaintvescolourspaintainthack #goldleafart #ledlights #colourfuldecor

♬ original sound - YesColours